Reservations are easy to make with TOBY TOURS!

• Just dial (502) 955-8680 or 1-800-955-8680 (toll free) and press extension 1 for a tour reservationist.

• Give the reservationist the tour name and date.

• The reservationist will place you on the tour by taking your nameaddress and telephone number.

• You will have seven business days to send in the deposit. Without this deposit your reservation is subject to cancellation  without further notice.

• You may also pay by Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card.

• Unless you hear from Toby Tours, your seat is confirmed.

 • Forty-five days prior to your tour departure date, you will need to send the remaining balance(Mark this on your calendar — you will not be billed!) 

• When you send a deposit or balance payment, please put the tour name, date,  and your partner’s name on the check. This will help in the recording of yourpayment once it gets to our office.

• Two weeks before departure you will receive your final itinerary with hotels and phone numbers, pick up point, any other pre-trip information, and luggage tags.

• On one-day tours the full amount is due seven days following your reservation by telephone.  Please note***we do not send confirmations out on one-day tours, as your canceled check is your receipt.  If you do not hear from us, your reservation is confirmed.

• Our mailing address is:      Toby Tours         145 Carter Ave.    Louisville, KY 40229

Because of the limited number of people who can be accommodated with our motor coaches and hotel reservations, it is imperative that reservations be made at the earliest possible date.

      Policies--Please read carefully before signing up for a tour, your reservation constitutes acceptance of our policies!!


REQUIRED DEPOSITS for motorcoach tours: 
Tours priced less than $200 . . . . . . . full payment
Tours priced from $200 to $400 . . . ..$50 deposit
Tours priced from $400 to $600 . . ... $100 deposit
Tours priced from $600 to $1000 . . . $200 deposit
Tours priced over $1000 . . .. . . . . . . . $300 deposit
All Fly, Fly/Drive, Cruises, Rail and International Tours require a $350 deposit. 
Absolutely NO weapons allowed on board, or in the luggage compartments, of our motor coaches. State licences to carry weapons are not recognized in all states and strictly forbidden at United States borders.
Who We Are
Toby Tours is a family owned tour and charter operation dealing in very special, worry-free tours, which we offer directly to our customers after careful research and preparation. We have been serving travelers since 1975. The Toby Tours Family welcomes you aboard!
A Song and A Prayer
God has richly blessed our Toby Tours Family and we start each day on the coach with a prayer and a song “This is the Day the Lord has Made.” Many people have told us that this has created a habit for them and they now start EVERY day with a prayer and a song! Occasionally there will be opportunities to attend local church services, otherwise our tour director will have devotions on Sunday mornings, usually while in transit.
Our Motor Coaches
Toby Tours motor coaches are equipped with full panoramic windows, a rest room, air conditioning, a public address system, individual reading lights, FM and AM radio, and DVD systems.
Safety Rating
We have been given the highest Department of Transportation rating of “Satisfactory” based on our safety record, maintenance program, insurance, and driver’s training.
Motor Coach Seat Rotation
We rotate seats each morning in a clockwise direction. The seat behind the driver is reserved for the tour director. Seat rotation gives everyone the opportunity to meet someone new, and to have a different view from the coach. Everyone must rotate seats—no exceptions in fairness to all. A single price only represents one seat on the motor coach. 
Daytime Travelling
Most of our travel is done during daylight hours, allowing you to arrive at your destination rested and ready to enjoy it. Normally, we are on the road at 8 am and at our destination by 6 pm. There may be occasional variations in the schedule, but there is no straight-through or overnight travel, (with the exception of some sports tours). At no time during your tour will you travel more than two or three hours on the coach without a rest stop. A typical morning on tour is a 6 am wake-up call, set your luggage out at 7 am, have breakfast and depart at 8 am. The tour director will update the group each evening before the following day as to the schedule.
Group Courtesies
Group travel is a wonderful alternative to individual travel. Toby Tours seeks to provide a safe, clean environment for all of our travelers. It takes everyone in the group to make for a good tour. We ask that everyone be kind and courteous, and keep on schedule. Absolutely no smoking, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or profanity while on the motor coach. Please listen carefully to the driver, tour director, and/or guide for instructions. We ask that everyone be able to keep up with the group. We reserve the right to refuse or discharge anyone we feel would be disruptive to the trip or harmful to themselves or others.

Your HealthYour physical and mental health are important when considering joining any group tour. Any health concerns requiring any type of special attention or assistance must be reported when you make your reservation. We will make reasonable attempts to accommodate the special needs of disabled travellers. Toby Tours cannot provide individual assistance to tour participants with special needs for walking, dining, or other routine activities. We strongly recommend anyone needing assistance to be accompanied by a physically able companion who will be responsible for their well-being. Toby Tours is not responsible for any denial of services by any other suppliers. The Americans with Disabilities Act is not applicable outside of the United States.

Tour Prices
All tour prices are designated per person based on:
Single. . . . . One person/One bed
Double. . . . Two persons/Two beds
Triple. . . . . Three persons/Two beds
Quad. . . . . .Four persons/Two beds
(Additional charge of $15 per night for a roll-away bed).
All tour prices are based on rates known at time brochure is printed and expected to be in effect at the time of departure. They are subject to increase without notice if such rates change prior to departure. A fuel surcharge of $3. per person/per day may be added if diesel prices exceed $4.20 per gallon.
The Tour Price Includes
1. Round-trip transportation
2. Accommodations: Are highly rated and chosen on the basis of location, cleanliness and food. In short season areas and National Parks accommodations are sometimes rustic, but afford you the opportunity to view the primitive beauty of the parks and undeveloped areas. Smoking in a non-smoking room will result in an additional fee.
3. Sight-seeing: All sight-seeing tours, guides, and admissions are covered in the tour price as outlined in the itinerary.
4. Meals: Are covered only if stated in the itinerary as: (included). Mention of a meal break or particular restaurant does not indicate that it is included.
5. Luggage Handling: Toby Tours is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles or luggage. See page 7 for size and weight limitations.
6. Tour Director & Motor Coach Driver: A tour director, as well as a DOT qualified motor coach driver, will accompany all overnight tours. Our teams are selected for their reliability, congeniality and genuine concern for our passengers’ welfare.
The Tour Price Does Not Include
1. Meals: Other than those listed in the itinerary.
2. Gratuities to Tour Director & Motor Coach Driver: If you wish to show your appreciation in the form of a tip, you may do so on an individual basis at the end of the tour. We recommend that you tip the driver and tour director separately. This also applies to step-on guides.
$2.00-$4.00  per person per day for the driver
$2.00-$4.00 per person per day for the tour director
3. Personal Expenses: Valet and room service, maid service, telephone calls, and all other items of a personal nature.
Special Requests
When making your reservation, please let us know your smoking preference, if you need adjoining or adjacent rooms, and any other special needs or requests. We request nonsmoking, first floor rooms, and can request rooms next to each other when we make our reservations; but these are not guaranteed and are not available with every establishment that we patronize.  If you plan to meet friends and/or family along the way, please call our office to verify times and places of stops, to avoid possible conflicts. Cities and areas listed for breaks/meal stops can change.
Can I share a room?
A person traveling alone may request sharing a room. We will do our best to find a suitable companion. If we do not succeed, the single rate applies.
Stand-by Lists
We do take stand-by lists on all tours. If you ask to be placed on our stand-by list you will be notified that an opening has occurred and you can be confirmed on the tour. All vacancies will be filled from the stand-by list in the order in which the requests were received.
Payment Policy
For one-day tours the full payment is due seven days after making your reservation. For motor coach tours of two days or more, the deposit is due seven days after making your reservation and final payment is due forty-five days before departure. Mark this on your calendar. You will not be billed. (See the Air/Sea/Rail section for Fly, Fly/Drives, Cruises, Rail and International tours deposit and payment information.)
Final Tour Information and Documents
Our itineraries are included in this brochure. Your balance is due forty-five days before departure. Mark your calendar. You will not be billed. If you have paid in full, we will send out your final documents such as itinerary with any changes, hotel/motel phone numbers, your designated pick-up point, luggage tags, and any other necessary information approximately two weeks before departure. If you do not receive this packet, if any information is not correct, or you have any questions, please call the office as soon as possible.
We are insured at or above the federal minimum requirement and licensed to carry passengers with the Federal Government. All passengers are insured only while on the motor coach. You should have adequate baggage, accident, cancellation, and sickness insurance. We do recommend travel insurance. Individual travel insurance is available through travelex insurance . NOTE: Anyone with preexisting conditions needs to purchase travel insurance within ten days of sending in your deposit.
We at Toby Tours know that you will not cancel without a valid reason. If, due to uncontrollable circumstances, it becomes necessary to cancel a tour, the following cancellation policies will apply:
1. For any tour cancellation, there will be a $10.00 per person service fee.
2. If your roommate cancels, you will be required to pay single price for the tour, unless you find a roommate.
3. Refunds will be processed at the end of each month. If you paid by credit card, you will be refunded by credit card.
4. For one-day tours, a refund (less the cancellation fee, and penalties of suppliers not refunded to Toby Tours) will be issued if cancellations are received 3 business days prior to departure.
5. For motor coach tours of 2 days or more, a refund (less the cancellation fee, and penalties of suppliers not refunded to Toby Tours) will be given if cancellations are received at least 5 business days prior to tour departure. In fairness to those who purchase travel insurance, no exceptions can be made on tours not cancelled 5 business days prior to tour departure. There is no refund for leaving a trip early or arriving late.
6. Fly, Fly/Drives, Cruises, Rail and International tours will be refunded in accordance with the policies stated in the Air/Sea/Rail section and are contingent on the policies of the specific conveyance for each particular tour.
When cancellations are received at least 5 business days prior to tour departure, instead of receiving a refund,  you may request to have your funds (less any penalties of suppliers not refunded to Toby Tours) transferred to another tour. You would avoid the cancellation fee by transferring. We do limit the transfer of funds to one time only; after that, you will receive a refund less the cancellation fee.  Refunds are not given for attractions, meals, etc., in which travelers do not participate while on any tour.  We at Toby Tours understand that unforeseen events and emergencies can arise while on a tour. If you are unable to complete a tour due to sickness, injury, or situation at home, (circumstances that are not considered Toby Tours’ responsibility), we will do all that we can to assist you in making whatever arrangements that need to be made. (The traveler will be responsible for any expenses incurred.) Toby Tours is not responsible to refund any unused expenses, therefore we do recommend travel insurance.
We, at Toby Tours, strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance. No one expects to have to cancel, but throughout the year we receive letters and phone calls from travellers who had to cancel and did not qualify for a refund. In fairness to those who purchase travel insurance, no exceptions can be made on tours not cancelled within our policies outlined on page 8 and there is no refund for leaving a trip early or for arriving late.
You may purchase a Travelex Travel Protection Plan to protect yourself and your trip investment. Emergency medical expense, baggage, trip cancellation and trip interruption are all important coverages available from Travelex. To learn more: visit: or call: 800-228-9792 and refer to REF #17-0229.
please fill out the form below, sign and date it, and sumit to our office prior to tour departure.
___Yes, I have read Toby Tours policies and procedures and have been advised that a travel protection plan is strongly recommended.
___I have purchased a protection plan.
___I do not wish to purchase a protection plan.
Name ____________________________________________________________________
Name and Date of Tour ______________________________________________________
Signature X______________________________________________________Date ___/___/____
All tours, tour scheduling, and pricing are subject to change for many reasons. Toby Tours has contracted with independent contractors to provide the services included in each tour. Toby Tours is not responsible for the negligent acts and/or omissions of these independent contractors, their employees, agents or representatives. Every booking is accepted subject to the conditions imposed by these independent contractors, including the air, cruise line, rail, coach (other than Toby Tours coaches), hotel, restaurant, insurance and other companies, firms or persons concerned with the tour.
We reserve the right to alter our refund and cancellation policy when a substantial amount of cancellation or postponement of travel attributable to events beyond our control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lockouts, revolts, wars, natural or man-made disasters, government actions, fires, closures of airports or hotels, or technical problems of transport, which force us to modify any element of a tour, or to cancel the tour you have booked.Proof of Citizenship and Passport Information
A valid United States Passport (no copies) will be required when traveling out of the United States. For information contact the Post Office or online at Be sure that your passport will be valid for at least six months after the return date of the tour. For more information please contact Toby Tours. Minors (under 16) traveling alone or in someone else’s custody must present written authorization, signed before a notary, from the parent(s) or guardian.